Tane Tunes is proud to present, for your listening enjoyment ...

Tane Lane Super Session   [Freddie Tane, Steve Geller, Ralph Delucia, Bob German, Ralph Sacco]

Tane Lane Super Session brought together these fine players, who all lent their talents, inspiration and interpretation to the Original songs and Covers in this collection.

When you have the right players together at the right time, music and magic moments do happen ...

Freddie Tane (Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals) Recorded by Freddie Tane at Tane Lane Studio in Killingworth CT.
Bob German (Drums) Mixed by Bob German (Except for Corners, Singer's Song).
Mastering by Bob German at Pentron Studio in Boulder CO.
Ralph Sacco (Vocals, Trumpet) JayDog Hoyt (Drums on Singer's Song)
Steve Geller (Bass)  
Ralph Delucia (Guitar)  
Zina Tane (Interviews) Photos by Zina Tane.

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Links To The Songs (with Players, Production credits and Publishing Info):

(Freddie Tane, Bob German)
  Interview With The Players
(Zina Tane)
  Cinnamon Girl
(Neil Young)
  Edward, Caroline, Genevieve
(Freddie Tane, Zina Tane)
(The Who)
  Beach Time
(Freddie Tane)
  Start Me Up
(Rolling Stones)
  Singer's Songs
(Zina Tane, Freddie Tane)
  Sunshine Of Your Love
Photos by Zina Tane (c) 2020
Recordings (c) 2020 and Original Songs Published By: Tane Tunes, BMI.
Corners Published by Tane Tunes, BMI and Pentron Publishing, BMI.
Cover Songs Licensed idblm.org 208214